Моя френдополитика

Всем привет!

Решила отредактировать заглавный пост, т.к. многое стало не очень актуальным ^_^
Изначально создавала блог, чтобы практиковать английский, но последнее время трудно себя заставить написать хоть пару строк тут. Поэтому все новые посты (начиная с 1.11.17) будут идти на 2х языках.
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Positive notes [May & June]

Hi guys! How are you?

Aww Shucks! I know that it's already end of July but I'd like to write about my May and June...

Favorite moments of May:

— homemade pastries,

— we found lavender. I mean the spice ^_^ It's so fantastic!!!

— walking with coffee,

— sunny days,

— shopping & online shopping,

— get rid of my stuff,

— we were busy getting ready for our journey.

By June:

— our trip to Barcelona,

— homemade pastries,

— Mummy's birthday,

— moments with friends & parents.

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Positive notes [April]

— husband's birthday;

— the Great Easter Holiday;

— my favorite & yummy hobby. Orders & sweet reviews and, of course, my new cupcake - "red velvet"!!! It's gorgeous!;

—  went to the movie "Ready Player One";

— long walks around the city;

— moments with friends & parents;

— tart's to die for!

— shopping & online shopping;

— the coloring by Johanna Basford;

— meet with girl who kept a diary on the Li.Ru. I like these meetings. It's nice to discover a new side of someone.

Goodbye April! Thanks for everything!

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Positive notes [March]

— 2 pastry marathons. It was cool! I cooked muffins, the cake "Prague", brownie, Оrange Сoconut Сake, brioche, Mousse Carrot Cake & tart;

— new people;

— received many orders & sweet reviews;

— moments with friends & parents;

— went to the movie "Black Panther";

— sunny days;

— my favorite sweatshirt.

Goodbye March! Thanks for everything!

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Hi guys! How are you?

Let's talk about odors. I like different smell:

— homemade pastries,

— various spices (especially cinnamon),

— fruits, vegetables and berries,

— coffee & tea,

— chocolate,

— nuts,

— dry wine,

— flowers,

— mountain & sea air,

— perfume,

— pine forest,

— old book,

— newspaper,

— b&w photos,

— the smell after the rain.

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Positive notes [January & February]

Hi! How are you? I'm fine!

Favorite moments of January:

— many of the events have involved home cupcake business (pastry school, home-made cakes and cupcakes, creating an Instagram business account, etc.);

— moments with friends & parents;

— quest "Game of Thrones" with friends;

—  went to the movies "Maze Runner: The Death Cure" & "Paddington 2".

By February:

— received many orders & sweet reviews;

— the trip to Tallinn;

— moments with friends & parents;

— snowy & sunny days;

— found a new fragrance from Jo Malone.

Goodbye winter! Thanks for everything!

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